When selecting a social media company, what should you use for criteria? Perhaps you think that working with an award-winning firm might be out of reach. Organically offers comprehensive and innovative social media campaigns at very attractive price points. These benefits are what you can expect with our award-winning social media agency that serves Gatlinburg, Sevierville, the Knoxville area and national clients.

1) Stellar communication: One of the hallmarks of our service is high touch customer service, so much so, that our clients always mention how delighted and amazed they are about the level of communication they enjoy. They repeatedly tell us that other agencies never treated them this way. Your phone calls and emails won’t go unanswered. We base our engagements not only on our social media capabilities, but first and foremost on relationship building.

2) An innovative campaign doesn’t have a chance if it isn’t well-organized. Organically offers you one of the most thorough campaign management staffs you’ll find anywhere. We keep you informed about all phases of your campaign and this level of detail is reflected in everything we do. Strategy and planning phases are always well thought out and customized to your company’s goals.

3) Content creation and distribution advantages: Organically knows the type of content that your audience wants to engage with. We also know where and when to post it to gain maximum click through to your website. We offer a powerful content mix that gives you a distinct advantage on social media – your fans will always see something new that they’ll love every day on your social accounts! This attention to consistent posting of custom content drives the most ROI value for you.

4) Social media competitive insights: Social media can be used for much more than delivering brand messages. The very best social media companies leverage it for competitive intelligence. One of the best reasons to work with Organically for your Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Knoxville or national campaigns is the competitive insights we provide. Via social media and other means we can discover what your competitors’ goals are online and we can use that knowledge to help secure more traffic to your website. We can help you discover what your top competitors are doing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms and provide direction to help you compete.

5) Reporting that connects the dots between social and sales: Each month we’ll show you how many people interacted with your social posts and what they did (clicked through to your site, shared your content, etc.). We’ll also show you how social media affected conversions (was it a contributor to sales, someone requesting more information, etc.). You will see real data that shows how our efforts connect your audience on social media to you.

These are but a few of the benefits you will receive when working with Organically. Our award-winning social media company makes it easy to step up your game on social and get more added value so you receive maximum ROI. Contact us today and check out the difference an award-winning social media company can make for you with an affordable social campaign!