Even though Vine just recently stepped onto the scene around January of 2013, brands and marketers are already taking advantage of this popular video sharing social network. On Vine, users are able to post and watch 6 second video clips on a loop, and these clips are highly shareable, embeddable, and consumable.

Here are a few examples of brands that are doing a great job on Vine:

Dunkin Donuts


General Electric


Urban Outfitters


So how can you mix up your social content strategy with Vine? Below are a few best practices to help you make the most of those 6 seconds.

Establish Your Purpose & Define Your Goals

Since you only have 6 seconds to communicate a message on Vine, your videos need to be highly focused around a central purpose or theme. Since the main takeaway point or the message you are trying to send should be conveyed clearly and concisely, planning is essential. You’ll probably need to spend a little bit of time before you start filming hammering out the details of what you want to convey to your audience.

Make sure to utilize audio to help drive the point home. Although Vine videos initially display with the audio turned off, some users will click the sound button to listen to the audio playback with the video. Your videos should be able to stand alone without sound but also incorporate a compelling audio element to cement the message you want to drive home. It’s also important to include context for your video along with searchable hashtags in the content of your tweet.

Make Every Second Count

This is the time to make your brand pop in front of your social audience, and you only have 6 seconds to capture your viewer’s interest and compel them to learn more about your promotion.  When you’re creating Vine videos, keep these 4 points in mind:

  • Be creative
  • Be unique
  • Be inventive
  • Be authentic

Keep it Short & Sweet

Vine is not the place to hash out complex concepts, strategies, or ideas. Fun, edgy, entertaining, and interesting content thrives on Vine, so make sure to incorporate cutting edge features, new innovations, or exciting new developments in your company to keep your followers on their toes. Vine is the perfect social platform to let your brand come to life and build a new relationship with your social audience.

Make Your Brand Relatable

Vine is a great forum to help your fans and followers relate with your band. It gives you more freedom to get creative and to express ideas in a unique way. With that in mind, let your Vine videos make your brand more relatable to your audience so that you can connect with them in a new and more powerful way. By creating a unique persona or extending the social persona that you’ve already created around the brand, you can humanize the experience that users have with your brand and encourage more brand awareness and loyalty.

Make Way for the Introductions or a Q&A

Vine is the perfect platform to introduce your business and provide a brief and compelling synopsis of what your company does. You can help people become more familiar with your products or services as well as introduce yourself to potential customers in a unique and inventive way. Since a lot of companies haven’t developed a presence on Vine yet, brands can make a resounding impact with the right strategy and content approach.

Another great content strategy that brands have already used is responding to questions from their social audience via Vine. If your customers ask you a question on Twitter, film a 6 second Vine to answer it and post it back to them on Twitter. This is a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level while also creating a platform that encourages your customers to interact with you on social media.

Work in a Sneak Peek or a Demonstration 

If you’re not sure what type of content would do well on Vine, consider offering your social audience a sneak peek or a demonstration of your newest product or your latest achievement. If you are introducing a new line of products, you can take a few seconds to film the most important elements of that product and highlight key features. Another great thing about Vine is that it is the ideal video sharing platform for brands with active Twitter presences, since Vine can be viewed and shared directly on Twitter timelines.

What’s the best Vine video you’ve seen from a brand? Chime in below!