The world of marketing has changed rapidly in the past few decades and it can feel tough to keep up with all of the changes occurring in real time. AI and chatbots, live streaming and social media…they can exhaust anyone. Yet, there are also the “classics” and lead generation is among them. This is one of the techniques that will never disappear, and yet even skilled marketers have trouble converting leads.

Lead Generation is Not a Sale or Conversion

The business experts over at Forbes agree that lead generation and “lead magnets” are classics. When discussing leads, they say “online success is about more than just driving people to your site. You want visitors who are actually interested in the products or services you provide…Lead magnets are a marketing technique used to attract leads who are likely to convert.”

Doesn’t that sound great? It does, but just how does one go about both attracting and converting leads? The basic setup looks like this:

  • You create something wonderful to offer your audience
  • In exchange for something, they get that wonderful thing for free

Congratulations, you now have a qualified lead. For instance, you might have created a whitepaper or infographic that appealed greatly to your audience. In exchange for these items, they gave you their email address. That is lead generation.

You can then send them emails offering more free things and incorporate trickles of information about your product, service or brand. This is a long and slow move towards the sale or conversion.

The trick, as you might have already guessed, if identifying something to give away, but that something has to be specifically of interest to your audience alone and not a more general group.

Offers for Converting Leads

So, if the goal is converting leads what can you put out there of interest to them, specifically?

Content is a good choice because it may have real-world value, solve a particular “pain” in your audience and include information they care about. Yet, it also has to be built around your buyers if it is going to provide the sort of lead generation that pays off with a conversion.

That means your “magnet” has to be designed with a lot of important data and market research. Did you build a buyer persona? Do you know the right places to place your offers of this kind? Are you certain of the type of content (e-book, video course, magazine, etc.) will result in converting leads?

If you are eager to roll up your sleeves and begin figuring out the types of content you can develop as the ultimate lead magnet, and then how to use these items to convert leads into actual clients or sales, you probably need some help.

The team at Organically specializes in the kind of research and content development you need. You can think of them as your partners in success and will want to get in touch to discuss lead generation and all other facets of your marketing strategy and goals.