Whether you are just starting your business, or you’re scaling your company after decades of operation, nothing is more valuable than having great digital marketing strategies in place. The Internet is one of the most important places to connect with your target market, sell your goods, and build your reputation. Hiring a professional digital agency to manage this vast tool for you is an excellent idea – but how do you find the right agency for you? Here are five things to look for.

1. Look for a great digital agency website.

If the digital agency you want to hire will be working on your website, social media profiles, and other online platforms, check out what the agency’s presence on those platforms looks like. They should have a well-maintained blog if you want blogging services; an active and engaged social media profile if you want that managed.

2. Do they have a very good handle on business strategy, in addition to digital marketing?

Digital marketing may be what you are coming to the agency for, but to really nail a great marketing campaign, the agency also needs to understand business strategy. Do they understand your target audience, what revenue growth you’re aiming for, what kind of lead generation stats you want to see in the next quarter, and so on?

3. Look for a digital agency with additional expertise if you need it.

Quite often, digital marketing and design go hand in hand. It’s a great idea to look for a digital marketing agency that can do design, or that has a network of great designers to use for your projects. Consider what needs you have and find out if the agency can accommodate all of them.

4. Does the digital agency have experience in your niche?

Perhaps you won’t ever find a digital marketing agency that specifically has expert knowledge in the field of yacht sales. However, you’ll likely be able to find an agency that does have experience in creating marketing campaigns for clients selling luxury vehicles and property. This type of agency will understand the mindset and culture of your niche.

5. Do you enjoy working with this team?

Finally, keep in mind that a great digital agency will be a team you’ll want to work with long term. Once they know your business and your audience, it’s a great idea to keep them working on your campaigns for a while. Be sure this is a team you enjoy working with, so the future is bright.

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