In the world of B2B, or business-to-business, services, there are two kinds of collaborations: a business can hire another to perform a to-do list, or the two businesses can come together as partners to create something together. At Organically, we believe that your digital marketing agency should be a partner, helping you succeed through a collaboration. That means that the digital agency should be invested in your growth, and be willing to help you create an evolving marketing campaign that grows with you. Here are some ways to truly partner with a digital marketing team.

Develop Digital Marketing Strategy Together

As a brand owner, you know your brand’s history and story better than anyone. But when you hire a digital agency to handle marketing, you are relying on their in-depth knowledge of marketing and industry to help you succeed. Rather than saying to the team, “Update the blog once a month and send out an email to subscribers daily,” consider discussing what strategies would be best for your business. Let the agency’s expertise help you develop your digital marketing strategy to achieve the best success.

Talk to Your Digital Agency About Your Goals

Digital marketing doesn’t exist for its own sake. It is all about helping you reach certain goals. Tell your agency what goals you want to achieve with your marketing. Do you want to double sales in the next quarter? Get your social media subscriber count to over a million? Add 1,000 new email subscribers by the end of the year? Whatever your goals are, let the team know. This information can help them determine what types of digital marketing to focus on, and how to measure success.

Regularly Meet to Discuss New Digital Marketing Opportunities

Another way to ensure that your partnership is truly a collaboration is to continually evolve your digital marketing strategy together. Create a schedule to meet – either in person or digitally – to discuss how your strategy could be improved, or how new strategies could be implemented. Allowing the digital agency to be invested in the future of your sales and growth through regular revamping of your marketing is a great way to create a working partnership.

Give Feedback Like You Would to Employees and Partners

Finally, if you want your digital marketing agency to be your partner, treat them like one! Rather than considering them a third party contractor, who should be replaced if something isn’t working the way you hoped, give them feedback and see if any issues can be corrected. This is a working relationship that you are both invested in, and that means ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the results.

At Organically, we would love to discuss becoming your trusted business partner and helping you reach your goals. Take a look at our service menu, or contact us today to learn more.