You own a business of some kind. Do you know what that means? It means you are incredibly busy and probably find yourself wearing a lot of hats. You might be the person who is in charge of marketing, customer service, HR, and even cleaning up the workplace at day’s end. And while we could write an entire article on outsourcing effectively to make the most of your time, we need to consider whether you are directing efforts to the most important issues. Online business profiles, for example.

The Value of Online Business Profiles

Online business profiles are a part of your overall marketing strategy, and fall under the heading of digital marketing. What are online business profiles? Well, if you use Google, you’ve seen them, and may be able to begin understanding how and why they are considered important parts of your growth strategies.

If you are unsure as to what they are, let’s take a moment to figure this out. They are ways that you create “online citations” of your business’ address and name. Google is a common place to find them, and when you build them properly and use every resource they offer, they can be integrated into almost any types of growth strategies.

How? Let’s use an illustration. You opened a local business offering local services – let’s say it is mobile pet grooming. You take time to choose a good name and have built a nice website with lots of information.

You are located in a city like Poughkeepsie, NY and if someone typed “mobile groom Poughkeepsie” into a search engine, you would want to appear in that list. You might not, though, if you failed to build your online business profiles.

Google will always show any businesses in the places named along with any similar businesses within a nearby region. They display a map and listings beneath it for the companies that have taken time to beef up their profiles. Also, as one of the easiest kinds of growth strategies, you should be sure that you have consistent online business profiles elsewhere, such as other search engines and other places such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Why? When you have identical information in other areas, sites like Google see that you are authentic and reward you by posting you in all nearby searches, even if they are for areas dozens of miles away.

One of the Most Effective Growth Strategies

And how would this qualify as one of the most effective growth strategies? If you are a brick and mortar or locally focused business, it means that anyone who searches for what you offer is far more likely to find you at the top of the list of results.

Do you think you can benefit from this? If so, work with experts to be sure you are creating the most consistent and information-rich profiles possible. The team at Organically can ensure you have tackled all of the right search engines and other online destinations that help make the most of business profiles. Make the most of your business name, location and other details.