How does your digital marketing strategy map out the route from attracting a prospect to turning them into a customer? Whether you call this process conversion or just see it as essential digital advertising, it is a key to your success. However, not many business owners are able to manage the many moving parts that are a digital marketing strategy, and sometimes prospects and conversions fall to the wayside.

Fortunately, many advents in digital advertising make it easier than ever to succeed and even win big at this game. Here are seven suggestions for updating your digital marketing strategy to make it a conversion machine in the coming year.

Updating and Improving the Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Re-Ask the Questions About Your Audience

One thing that many businesses fail to do is consider whether or not they are targeting their audience, or even the right audience, correctly. If your digital advertising is not yielding the outcomes you anticipated, you may need to return to “page one” and do keyword research and audience definition. What is the “pain” they have that your product or service meets? What does the ideal buyer “look like”? Where do they “hang out” online?

This gets the right people in front of your marketing.

  1. Reconsider the Proposition

Is the format you are using appropriate? For example, are you flooding prospects with information or offers? Perhaps you are not giving enough detail? Maybe the actual design doesn’t work.

  1. Are You Aligning Over Platforms?

For instance, does your PPC ad send them to a free download that then gives them further information and opens them up to social media ads of others interested in the same product or service?

  1. Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Go Beyond “Nurturing”?

The goal of digital advertising is to bring the audience, but do you track and then nurture those who hit each level of your funnel? Getting them to the landing page is great, but what after that?

  1. Are You Problem Solving with Your Advertising?

If you are just blasting away at your prospects with a flood of repetitive or pressuring messages, it is not likely to lead to many conversions. Your own inbox is already flooded with these messages (which you delete without reading). Use what you learn through tracking and analytics to position yourself as a solution to a problem.

  1. Do You Make the Most of Social Media?

Whether your channel is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or another, you should use whatever marketing options are available to you to nurture prospects.

  1. What Do You Do with Abandoned Carts?

This is an altogether too frequently overlooked opportunity for remarketing or nurturing a conversion.

Get Your Digital Advertising Updated

If you are eager to learn more about these conversion tips and tactics, turn to an experienced team that can serve as a partner in your success. Organically offers comprehensive services that include analysis, digital marketing and strategizing.