Over 60% of businesses online are using video marketing to connect with their consumers, and that number is only growing. Video has become one of the best ways to elevate your social media marketing to the next level. In fact, 83% of the businesses that do use video say that it gives them great ROI. Here are three reasons to start using video for your own marketing today.

Video Marketing Enhances SEO

Google’s algorithm is looking for a lot of things now when it ranks pages in a search result. It considers click-through rates, sure – but it also looks at how long people spend on your site. Video is great for this because it convinces people to stick around. You are, in fact, 53% more likely to show up on the front page of a Google search return list if you have a video on your homepage. This is simply because people spend more time on your website watching that video than they would clicking around on their own.

Video Marketing is Ideal for Catering to Mobile Users

Over 50% of all Internet users at any given time are on mobile devices. You’ve heard how important it is to make your website readable for mobile users – but consider what kind of content is better for mobile users, as well. Reading long paragraphs on a small screen is a pain – but watching a quick video is easy. Smartphone users are consistently more likely to watch video content than desktop viewers. This means you are catering your social media marketing to your largest audience.

Video Gets More Engagement Than Anything Else

Video is a great way to get your buyers engaged, even those who don’t like to get into content. Video is so easy to consume, share on social media, refer to when in need of quick tips or education, and to connect to. Because video captures both the eyes and ears of buyers or consumers, you have twice the power to convince them to get engaged with your content.

We See Many Future Trends for Video Marketing

These are three great reasons to get video marketing on your to-do list, but how will you go about it? There are many growing trends in video marketing, such as a focus on storytelling, a focus on live videos, a focus on building a following on YouTube, and a push for higher quality video production at every turn. Businesses strategically incorporating video marketing in their overall social media marketing is only just beginning, so now is a great time to get involved.

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