Digital marketing analytics are an essential part of all digital marketing strategies because they explain whether or not any specific campaign or effort is yielding the anticipated returns. Yet, analytics are not always done in a single, universal way. In fact, there is a way to do analytics that may present an entirely alternative way to market.

Digital Marketing Analytics and ABM

In the world of marketing and digital marketing strategies, there is a method known as ABM or Accounts-Based Marketing. This is a method that uses sales and marketing resources on a very defined range of accounts. These targeted accounts are then sent very personalized campaigns that have been carefully crafted to resonate with the individual client, and the messages are developed to speak to the needs and characteristics of the individual, targeted account.

Why would this be done? It is often the result of digital marketing analytics and the identification of a “high value” account or client. These are clients that will offer an opportunity for far more revenue than others, and usually accounts that will end up being strategic or significant.

Is it best for B2B firms? Yes and no. There are many ways you can use ABM analytics to measure the success of any specific campaign, but you can also calculate whether a group or portion of your audience is a good candidate for ABM based digital marketing strategies, i.e. a very carefully constructed and targeted approach.

ABM and Digital Marketing Strategies

As you might guess, digital marketing analytics are not for the novice, no matter how they are framed. Whether you are using them to measure the effectiveness of a single post or campaign, or you want to use your digital marketing analytics to determine if you can benefit from ABM methods for specific groups, it takes insight and experience to do it right.

Yes, you might reason out that a specific range of your target audience (let’s say a very active and influential group on social media) could have an amazing ROI for your firm. They could be buyers and clients, but their word of mouth could generate another level of traffic that would be remarkably beneficial to your business.

The benefits of ABM are the same whether you use them for larger individual clients in the B2B context or you are looking at them as a group of individual consumers you should target in order to develop your customer base. Using ABM often means you get a much higher ROI, you are facing less risk and even less waste, and it is a way of speaking “personally” to the client(s) targeted.

Additionally, it can really help to clarify your marketing messages and align your language with your sales goals.

Naturally, as one of the modern digital marketing strategies, it can be very complex. If you think it might be for you and you want to discuss it further with an expert, just contact the team at Organically. Able to run all kinds of analyses and help you develop the ideal marketing campaigns, they can help you determine if ABM is right for you.