Want to hear a shocking statistic relating to many digital marketing agency workers? A report from the Online Marketing Institute noted that only eight percent digital marketing agencies surveyed believed that their employees had strong skills in all of the key digital marketing areas. And yet, all of them would be involved in developing an online marketing strategy for clients.

This demonstrates the importance of taking your time to select your digital marketing agency with care. And if you asked whether or not you actually need that kind of help, the answer, in a word, is yes.

After all, digital and online marketing is one of the fastest moving and changing industries. It is complex and requires an extensive amount of background information as well as up-to the-minute comprehension of complex topics like web analytics, marketing automation and social media marketing trends. If you select the wrong firm, your online marketing strategy is likely to suffer.

Carefully Choose Your Digital Marketing Agency

How do you know which firm to choose? One of the first things to know is that you just cannot base your decisions on price. While anyone eager to have an effective online marketing strategy is looking to save money, most modern professionals are well aware of the old adage that you “get what you pay for.” Yet, you also do not have to break the bank to partner with an effective digital marketing agency.

One of the first things you can do is to take a long and hard look at each candidate’s website. While this seems basic, just consider that human nature often forces us to hide our weaknesses and overemphasize our strengths. With a marketing agency, though, you need to see comprehensive skills.

Remember that statistic from earlier – and try to find a firm that has strong skills, capabilities and experiences across the board. Though a site might emphasize core competencies, such as success in making an online marketing strategy for another client, your needs may go beyond that alone.

Beyond an Online Marketing Strategy

As the simplest example, do they have proficiency with SEO? What about social media marketing, PPC ads, and website design? In fact, both SEO and website design can be easily overlooked when building your strategy, and something as simple as a site without a sitemap, video gallery, and proper tags could be a key part of your marketing failures.

At Organically, clients partner with a team of qualified marketing experts. From the ability to create content that is on brand and effective to helping you convert visitors to buyers, the team can deliver a premium marketing strategy. With options of online and offline integration and experts who know exactly what the analytics mean, they’ll be your partners in success.