If you have not yet found ways to integrate your offline marketing strategies into your online strategies (and vice versa), you are missing the proverbial boat. There is no divide that remains between both forms of marketing or advertising, and if you fail to integrate them, it is like waving a blank banner or empty screen in front of those who see the messages you send. Why? Let’s look at a single issue for a fast answer.

Let’s say that part of your digital advertising strategy is to use a landing page for a product or service you offer. Traffic is going to come to you through clicks on links embedded in emails, web ads, and other digital materials. Yet, forget to include the URL on any printed materials, such postcards, flyers, print ads in magazines or papers, and other sources, and you’ve lost a huge opportunity.

Syncing Your Marketing Strategies

In the past, we’ve reviewed some of the remarkably easy marketing strategies that allow you to promote yourself in the old-fashioned or “low tech” ways. For instance, URLs and social media handles on any business cards, signage, direct mail and print ads are among the simplest ways to sync your offline strategy with your online digital advertising strategy.

However, if you are to win the game of modern marketing, your marketing strategies have to be a bit more advanced. While the print world is always going to exist (even when naysayers insist it won’t), you don’t have to lock your gaze there. In fact, you must look at your digital advertising strategy through that specific lens – the digital one.

How do you generate the buzz you desire, the traffic you need, if you are looking at your offline and online efforts together? First and foremost is to be sure you emphasize the visual and ensure there is what is known as “branding coherence” on every message sent. Whether online or offline, your “look” has to be instantly recognizable through colors, fonts, logos and all the rest.

And remember that many marketing strategies like to create something unique; a hook, so to speak. This is a manner of communicating — a voice — that lets your audience know immediately that it is your message they are receiving. How can you do this? Let’s consider that now…

A Winning Digital Advertising Strategy

If you want to alert your audience to your messages, and sync up your offline and online digital advertising strategy, turn to the examples of other success stories. As an example, many slogans begin offline. “Just do it,” “I’m lovin it,” “Eat Fresh”…these taglines are familiar, and yet not many businesses stick with them alone. They also rely on hashtags and social media messaging.

A great way to create a connection between online and offline messaging is through hashtags and social media. Use a special hashtag in your offline marketing to get people to promote an event, get a special in-store offer, and so on. Create events online or offline and sync them up, such as a real-world event you live stream on social media.

There are many ways to create synergy between offline marketing and more modern digital efforts. A good way to make the most of it is to work with experts who can assess your needs and audience, determine the most effective campaigns or programs, and help bring them to life. The team at Organically specializes in just that and can show you how to update your marketing game almost immediately.