If you are like a lot of other business owners, you have learned to take social media marketing very seriously. As one of the best forms of low-cost advertising and positive word of mouth, it cannot be ignored. And the recently released report on top Facebook trends provides a tremendous amount of insight into many industries. As one expert said, Facebook trendsmight just help you hone in on some key elements to help guide your 2019 planning and approach.”

Yet, it can’t hurt to also look at your approach to social media marketing on Facebook in the same way you might approach a first date.

Social Media Marketing as a Form of Dating

We can hear imagine our readers scratching their heads and issuing a very reasonable, “Huh?” about that suggestion. However, if you consider that some of the key steps of a first date look strikingly like the steps needed for effective social media marketing on Facebook, it starts to make sense. For example, on a first date AND on Facebook you will do best when you:

  • Get to know your audience or date – In person, you ask someone about themselves, but with marketing you do the research. You find out demographic details (age, income, etc.) as well as interests, needs, goals, and more.
  • Make your audience or date feel like they have your full attention – You lean into the conversation, truly paying attention AND responding. Whether in a real world setting or online, your socializing has to be precisely that — social — or based on a two-way exchange. You cannot ask for information and offer up none of your own!
  • Show your personality and a sense of humor – A date and any sort of social media interaction is always more effective when everyone involved is authentic, open and even humorous or laid-back. While you cannot always be super-casual with marketing, taking a more humanistic tone will always work in your favor.
  • Relate to your audience or date – How do you make a connection with a date or a potential client? You show them that you relate in some way to them whether it is through a perspective, shared interest, recognition of their need, and so on.

And how would Facebook trends tie into all of this? Let’s give that a few minutes of thought…

Facebook Trends and Marketing

Your social media marketing cannot be like dating in that it has to be fairly targeted. When you date, you are going to go out and meet lots of different people. With your marketing, it has to speak directly to very specific people – those who need what you have to sell. In that way, it can be a lot like “online” dating in that you need to be clear about the specific details of those you want to “meet.”

Do you want help interpreting Facebook trends and using them to improve marketing? Do you need some support where social media is concerned? You can turn to the team at Organically to help you find your ideal audience and enjoy lots of successful social media “first dates”.