There are several reasons why LinkedIn is a great addition to your social advertising tactics. There are more than 65 million professionals using the platform, hailing from all corners of the globe. Plus, the average LinkedIn user has a household salary of more than $100k per year. That is a lot of purchasing power to target with your social marketing strategies. In addition to all of that, almost half of the users on the platform have some sort of purchasing power within their company as well. 


Are you tapping into this market, and are you doing so effectively?


Passive vs Proactive


Business promotion on LinkedIn basically falls into one of two categories: passive or proactive. Whichever one you choose the rule holds true that whatever you put into your efforts will directly affect what you see out of your efforts. 


A passive approach is basically just existing on the platform. It is the most basic form of social advertising. You create a company profile, build a few connections, and ensure that all the pertinent information is informative, well-written, and up to date. Then you simply sit back, be passive.


If you have created a well-written profile using pertinent keywords, LinkedIn’s search feature should give you a few hits. It isn’t exactly an aggressive form of social marketing, but it is better than no using the platform at all. 


However, if you really want to see some results, then you will likely want to consider using a proactive approach to your LinkedIn social advertising efforts. The more active that you are on the platform, the better your results should be. 


What Does it Mean to be Proactive?


Using the proactive approach means creating a plan for your social marketing efforts on LinkedIn just like you do for your other platforms. You will need to focus on a few different areas and take the necessary steps.


  • Update your status. Regularly update your LinkedIn status just like you would a Facebook status. Talk about new innovations or ways you can help other people reach their goals. 
  • Participate. There are plenty of business or interest groups on LinkedIn. You should spend a bit of time in the discussions as it can help establish your presence. In time, people might even consider your business to be a bit of an expert and a trusted resource.
  • Consider Paid. The paid social advertising on LinkedIn is a fair bit less expensive than it is on the other platforms, so it is definitely something that should be considered. Also, springing for the upgraded profile can help you get new contacts and options. 


Organically Can Help with Your Social Advertising Needs


At Organically, we understand that it can be hard to keep up with all the different levels of social marketing. There are so many platforms to learn and create high-quality strategies for, it can be difficult for any business owner not well-versed in social marketing. Turn to the experts at Organically, we can help you build a plan for LinkedIn as well as all the other social platforms. Let us help you expand your reach.