Today, there is almost no type of business that can skip the use of social media marketing. Whether you are talking about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another form of social media, if that is where your audience likes to “hang out” online, you must be there. It is one of the strongest methods for digital lead generation, and it has to be done. While there are many ways you can make mistakes with social media marketing, the worst is to just not do it at all.

How Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business

You must do social media marketing; that’s a given. But it must be done right. There are more than two billion (yes, that word began with a “b”) social media users, and that means you can realistically access all of them…for free! The best options also encourage digital lead generation through targeted ad options.

For example, if you have taken the time to accurately hone your ideal customer profile or persona, you can use all kinds of criteria to design a more effective Facebook ad. Yet, that is not the only way that social media marketing can lead to digital lead generation.

Digital Lead Generation Can Be Social

If you are avoiding the most common mistakes made in social media marketing (like failing to respond, waiting too long to respond, creating template responses and not dealing appropriately with negative comments), you can boost chances for conversion or sales quite easily. Your audience knows that you are an engaged social media user and will be open to your material, posts and other activities.

Some of the best ways to enhance chances for digital lead generation through social media include:

  • Targeting your visuals to your audience’s interests and/or needs – Whether you post useful DIY videos, amazing images of subjects they love, funny GIFs or anything else, if you can make the visual content something they love AND share, you just boosted your leads and potential sales.
  • Engage further with contests – Social media is popular with businesses because it enables such direct interaction with favorite brands and businesses. You can boost this interaction and engagement further by creating contests or free product “giveaways” that keep them coming back and/or sharing information and content.
  • Go prime time – Research allows you to know when your audience is most likely to be using a particular social media platform. This allows you to engage directly and often in real time with them.

You will also find that your lead generation improves via social media because you can develop a more authentic brand or company personality based on what you learn from interacting and engaging with your audience.

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work to continually engage on social media. You can turn to experts for help with this important marketing method. At Organically, you can partner with the team to begin building your brand personality and expanding on the most relevant social media platforms for your audience and your business.