With more than two billion active social media users online, and considering that social media platforms are usually free for businesses to use, there is no denying that engagement on social media is one of the best ways to reach a vast audience. But building a following, and actually getting engagement, are two different things. Here are five way to improve your engagement across social media.

  • Use visual content.

    Photos, GIFs, and videos get a much higher share and engagement rate. People are far more likely to stop scrolling for visual content than they are for a text post – and you can often get your message across much faster with a photo than with anything else.

  • Run giveaways and contests.

Give people a reason to get engaged. If they want to get involved because there is a free item or service on the line, they are more likely to do so more than once. The key is to create a conversation from their engagement, so be sure to make the contest entries something like “answer this question in the comments,” and then reply back!

  • Participate in trending conversations.

    If a specific topic is trending on the social media platform you use, be sure to get involved if it relates to your business or interests. “Trending” means there are a lot of people involved in the conversation, and by getting involved yourself, you attract them to your other content.

  • Have a brand “personality” that attracts your consumer base.

    Many brands do this very well, such as Taco Bell on Twitter. Their consumer base tends to be more relaxed, younger, and prone to knowing and using Internet-based humor. By using these things in their Twitter posts, Taco Bell has built a brand personality that matches their customers, so they come across as “one of them.” If your consumers need you to be the professional expert, it’s okay if your brand personality is not at all like Taco Bell. The key is to commit to the personality throughout your social media use.

  • Post during the prime time for each social media platform.

    Every social media platform has specific times of the day that are better than others. For example, Tuesday afternoons and evenings have historically been the best time to post on Twitter. Do some research and determine when your audience is most active on the platforms you like best, and use those times to attract more engagement simply because there are more people online.

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These are just five of our best tips on how to get more engagement with your digital marketing on social media. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms, these tips can help you get more conversations, more shares, more likes, and more overall engagement. This is a great way to measure the success of your social media marketing. Let Organically help you get there with our expert social media services. Learn more here!