As 2018 ends and the new year begins, you are probably giving a lot of thought to your business plans. There are many factors to consider, but one that must be at the top of your list is your use of a digital agency for truly optimized digital marketing. There are many differences between a standard creative agency and a digital agency, and if you make the wrong choices here, many of your other goals or plans will be untenable or unsuccessful.

Why a Digital Agency Matters Most

When talking about digital marketing, it is easy to think that a basic creative agency can meet your needs. But only digital agencies can become partners in your goals and offer complete and comprehensive coverage of all marketing needs. As a simple example, the primary offerings of a valuable digital agency will include website design, search engine marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, social media campaigns, lead generation, content creation, video content, mobile content and campaigns, and more.

These are core components of effective digital marketing, yet a basic or traditional creative team cannot deliver on so many varied areas. They may not have the understanding of what it takes to champion the screen-based marketplace, which is where a digital agency steps in to save the day. Keep in mind, a digital agency also understands and has experience in all facets of digital marketing and not just on eye-catching design or slick and effective wording.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Partner

It is important to give credence to the last word in that subtitle above…partner. In today’s marketplace, it is not enough to subcontract a bit of creative thinking and design to a team that strives to meet your demands. It needs to be a two-way dialogue and it needs to be full of information and suggestions that years of experience and market adaptation have delivered. In other words, your typical creative or web-focused company may follow your instructions to the letter, but if they don’t reciprocate and add value by giving you expert feedback or pointing out any gaps or mistakes in your concept, it can be a huge waste of time and resources.

What you need is a team that has all of the skills and insights along with the desire to work as your partner. Yes, you want a team with amazing design skills, great ability in generating content, and technical expertise. However, you also need digital experts who can design websites that search engines appreciate, that understand user experience and responsive design, and who know how to turn your marketing and design strategies into social media campaigns, PPC ads, and more. Understanding the ever-changing world of SEO and analytics are also essential.

At Organically, clients get all of this and more: an award-winning team eager to become your partners in success and offering the insight and skills needed to make it happen as you envision. Start off your New Year on the right foot and with the best digital partnership possible!