If you build it…they may not even know you are there! Yes, we know that is not how the famous line is supposed to go, but if it is a website without any additional web marketing or digital branding, it may never get the traffic you want. While a website is as essential as a main phone number and a reliable email address, it is not as simple or straightforward. It is never going to be a “once and done” enterprise.

In fact, your website will constantly evolve and reflect whatever it is you are doing in terms of web marketing and digital branding. For instance, no matter what sort of business you have, it is likely that your site should also have some sort of connection to social media.

Simple Web Marketing Explained

Why would you need to use web marketing such as social media? Let’s use a simple example: You are a dentist offering services to everyone in the surrounding counties. You just got certified in a special technique of some kind or another. You want your existing clients and potential clients, and perhaps even colleagues, to know of this training. You can use social media options like Facebook and LinkedIn to announce this service or skill, and link back to the main site through the announcement.

A reader clicks that link and lands at your chosen website page. Maybe it is all about that specific service or a more general array of services. Maybe it is about your mission and dedication to premium care. The point is that your use of this sort of marketing – which is both simple and easy – boosts your rank in search engines, gives your viewers a chance to book a visit, learn more and share your details.

In this way, you are helping them to get to know you. What do you do? Can you supply a solution they need? What is your focus or mission? What are you “like” in terms of your service, responsiveness, and so on?

These are all ways to build trust, and when you are offering information without also making some sort of “sell”, it further enhances your brand.

What About Digital Branding?

If you speak with experts in web marketing, many also say that digital branding is just as important because it is a way of using all of the different digital channels to market more effectively. As we said at the beginning, the website alone is great, but it doesn’t bring traffic. You have to direct traffic there through content, interaction and the use of different channels. Web based marketing and digital branding are two methods through which you can do this.

Clearly, it is not as easy as it sounds and you’ll need to know the best keywords, the right social media channels, how to best design your site and more. The good news is that you never have to go it alone. The team at Organically is happy to partner with businesses of all kinds to help them discover how best to leverage the web in building their business and expanding their audience.