There is nothing that boosts a company’s credibility faster than the recommendation of a customer. If someone’s experience with you was so good that they went out of their way to say so, that tells potential buyers everything they need to know about your quality. But getting those testimonials can be difficult if you don’t have a great digital marketing strategy. Here’s how you can level up your social strategy to get the testimonials you need.

Set Up a Hub Where Your Audience Already Hangs Out

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you are missing out on easy access to testimonials. Chances are your audience is already on Facebook. Giving yourself a page where people can easily leave a few words without going out of their way is a great way to boost testimonials without having to have a targeted digital marketing campaign. There may be other social media where you would find your audience, such as Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to have a presence where your audience can leave those testimonials in a way that works for them.

Get Listed on Review Sites

There is something about leaving a review on a third-party site that often makes customers more likely to say a few words. There is an idea that third-party testimonials are less biased because they aren’t monitored by the company’s specific digital marketing team. So be sure to get listed on things like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Maps, CitySearch, or any other review site that relates to your industry.

Ask for Feedback, Not Testimonials

The word “testimonial”, or even the word “review”, often makes people shy away from making comments. But asking for feedback is a great way to get the testimonials that you need to pass on to potential customers. If you have customers that come back time and time again, consider asking them for feedback on what makes them continue shopping with you. Success stories are the best way to help other customers discover you.

Get Creative with Digital Marketing

There are plenty of social strategy tools that can be used to boost testimonials in creative ways. Consider live Facebook videos at an event, in which you ask customers what brought them in, or something similar. Embrace the creative ways that social strategy can be used to get the word out.

Building the best social strategy is a complex process, and you have enough on your plate running a business. We can help. At Organically, we can help you design and execute a digital marketing campaign designed to get the testimonials you need. Check out our services, such as social media management, content strategy, and more, to find out how we can help.