Social media marketing is now the norm and though ten years ago we wouldn’t have thought a channel like Facebook would be a major platform for marketing, it now leads the way in social media advertising. And though it has billions of active account holders (making it one of the world’s largest audiences), you can still miss the boat if you are not engaging your audience properly through your social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising Tactics

Because social media marketing is evolving so rapidly that few professionals and business owners can hope to keep up the pace, it is difficult to know if you are engaging your intended audience accurately or even effectively with your social media advertising. To help you make the most of your Facebook advertising, we offer these five up-to-date, social media marketing tips:

    1. Tell YOUR Story – In the past, experts said you had to tell a story, but now we’re saying you need to tell your specific story. With social media channels as varied as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, your branding (which is also your story) has to be loud and clear. Your Facebook ads can help with that by being framed to attract and hold the attention of your intended viewers. How? Try to create a narrative within the ads, building a connection with your audience through a series of “stories” rather than a single ad.
    2. Use the Audience Insights – Whether or not you are good with analytics and numbers, you can learn a lot through the data in this feature. Not only can you see their favorite categories or where they work, but whether or not they are interested in clickable ads, and more.
    3. Use Tools in Real Time – One major advantage of social media advertising is that you get user data instantly – or almost instantly. That means you can use the Facebook tools to monitor an ad’s performance and adjust the language, audience parameters and more. This gives a higher ROI potential, and it also lets you engage more and more with your intended audience through ad refinements.
    4. Know Your Performance Metrics – What is the intended performance level of your ad? Is it to get email subscribers? Maybe it is just to drive brand awareness or website visits? Your social media marketing is meant to create customers, but only you can know if the ads are performing properly – i.e. engaging customers as hoped.


  • Have a Strategy – One of the worst flaws in any social media marketing effort is to go at it without a long-term strategy in place. If you engage an audience you owe it to them to maintain their interest. How do you do that initially AND long term?


These are five key things to do when seeking to engage customers better through Facebook ads (or any social media campaigns). At Organically, you can partner with a team of experts ready to help you make the most of your Facebook ad campaigns, and much more.