No matter what your industry or business, you repeatedly hear that social advertising has to be part of a solid social media strategy. For the moment, let’s assume that you do have a solid social media strategy in place, and that you have done a bit of social advertising. You dedicated time and effort to writing and designing what you feel is the right ad…then nothing comes of it, or so little as to make the endeavor seem unworthy of the commitment of resources.

What is going on? Interestingly enough, it could be many different things. The first question to ask yourself, in order to find an answer, is whether or not you asked for the right thing from that particular ad.

Figuring Out Your Social Advertising

Any and all social advertising has an inherent “ask” in the text and/or visuals you provide. It could be to click through, to share, or respond in another way. While some users experience issues simply because their Facebook ads are failing to deliver (typically it could be that an ad was disapproved, you hit your account spending limit, your image is outside of the guidelines, your bid is too low, and other issues), others haven’t framed the advertisement’s “ask” correctly.

And that can occur in a few ways.

For one thing, you might have configured the target audience incorrectly. This seems improbable, especially because the Optimization & Delivery area of ad settings specifically indicates that your choices will “affect who sees your ads,” as well as ensuring the best results at the lowest price. Yet, you can make wrong choices in the settings.

Though it seems more technical than keyword focused, it always pays to double check the settings you have used for Optimization & Delivery. Of course, targeting is a major component in any social media strategy, and if you have made the wrong “ask” in terms of which audience (per location, demographics settings, and so on) see those ads, those ads may end up in front of people who couldn’t care less about the content.

This means that knowing how to precisely target ads is a key to your effective social advertising and strategy. This involves looking at your primary buyer, building a strong profile for the ideal customer, understanding key traits and creating an effective “persona” to use as your target. This includes age, gender, location, influencers, hobbies, language, and so on.

There is a lot more to unpack in the idea of a strong buyer or client profile, and it must be done correctly. Inputting all of the relevant information into your Facebook ad targeting is the only way you can get the results you anticipate.

Ask for Help with a Social Media Strategy

If your Facebook ads are failing to yield the results you had thought they would, or your social media strategy seems to be ineffective, don’t hesitate to seek help. Though a website is always the heart of your marketing efforts, your social media efforts have to be top notch, consistent and ongoing. Start them right with the help of the experts at Organically, and get the ad results you need.