Have you ever heard the old story about a salesman trying to sell ice to Eskimos? The point of that story is that a salesman needs to know who actually needs his product, and who just isn’t the right audience for it. Using the “scattergun” approach for social media marketing is a lot like being a salesperson selling ice to Eskimos – you’re so interested in just selling your product to anyone, that you aren’t stopping to think about who is actually most likely to buy your product. Here’s why you should shift your focus instead to hitting the right target audience.

Your Target Market Should Define Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Your target market is the group of people who have the most interest in what you are selling. These are the people that your digital marketing efforts should be focused on. Rather than convincing someone that they have a problem and your product can solve it, it’s better to find the group that already knows they have a problem, and offer them your solution. That is how to start building a social media marketing campaign – by offering a solution and targeting those with the problem.

How Social Media Marketing Helps You Find the Target Audience

There are many ways to find your target audience through digital marketing. For example, SEO practices are designed to put your content in front of people who are already searching for what it is you have to offer. Social media marketing is another great way to target the right audience. Rather than using a scattergun approach on social media — posting your content on every platform, and in every forum, and with every hashtag — you need to narrow your focus.

Market research can show you which platforms your target audience is using the most. For example, young 20-somethings are currently most likely to be found on Instagram. Find groups and hashtags that are most relevant to the problem that your product or service solves, and use those to present your content to the target audience. By focusing your digital marketing efforts, instead of sending the message out to wherever it lands, you’ll have a better chance of your time and advertising dollars translating into sales.

Leave the Digital Marketing to the Experts

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