Whether or not you are aware of and use social marketing tools as part of a digital marketing strategy, you will want to sit down now and read up a bit on Facebook bots. As part of this social media giant’s array of resources, chatbots rate as a “must know” tool. Just what are they and how can you use them? That’s what the remainder of this article will explain.

Chatbots Are Social Marketing Tools

Chatbots are a form of AI or artificial intelligence. They are just computer programs designed to converse with people in real-time and in a remarkably realistic and convincing way. You have probably interacted with one yourself and never even realized it. While they are often a way of keeping a visitor on a web page or getting simple questions answered, they are also ideal as social marketing tools.

How? As part of your digital marketing strategy it is highly likely that you already have or intend to build a Facebook following. From your business page you will share content, try to build links, and develop trust with your audience through quality information and exchanges. Here’s the thing: Unless you got into business to spend most of your time keeping up with everything on social media, you won’t have the time to “do” Facebook correctly.

And this is where chatbots enter the arena of social marketing tools.

Chatbots Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How can they be used for more than just a customer service resource? How can they figure into a digital marketing strategy? There are a few ways:

  1. Use them as customer service/virtual help desks but make them much more data oriented. You can always use your chatbots to answer a question or solve a problem, but they should be gathering information about your customers’ “pain” points, behaviors and preferences as they do. This gives you the information needed to drive more effective engagement.
  2. Use them on Messenger – Social media is all about connecting. If your Facebook audience is able to “message” you and get immediate feedback via the chatbots, it allows them to feel “heard” and “seen”. You cannot put a price tag on this and it will lead to more sales and lots of favorable feedback.
  3. Use them instead of pushing an app – Not all companies can benefit from a mobile app. In fact, a majority of apps designed as marketing strategy have little value. The chatbot, however, is always available through the Facebook app and gives round the clock support.

Do you feel that chatbots on Facebook could be one of your new and favorite social marketing tools? If you want to discover if they really could boost the effects of your digital marketing strategy and help you reach goals, get in touch with the team at Organically. Specializing in partnering with clients eager to make the most of the latest innovations, they can help you build your strategy into its most successful form yet.