Perhaps you already understand the importance of digital marketing effectiveness. You are actually competing on a daily basis for market share, and if your digital marketing agency doesn’t see things that way, it is time to consider finding new help with this crucial business activity.

Red Flags in Digital Marketing

So, just what should you look for whether you already work with experts in digital marketing or handle it on your own? We say that the five following signs should serve as a signal that you probably need some help right away:

  1. Your Google Ranking is Sinking – If you are doing SEO and continue to post content to help improve your appearance in search engine results, but are heading in a downward directly, it could be time to seek expert help. There are so many reasons for this, and it often takes the tools and resources of an expert digital marketing agency to address the situation.
  2. No conversions – Your digital marketing may yield lots of traffic, but if you are not converting one lead to a sale or client, it is time that you ask for help from an expert digital marketing agency
  3. You haven’t been doing any social media marketing – A huge element within your digital marketing strategy is social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or another variety, it has to exist and play a major role. If you have yet to do this, or have done a sort of start-stop approach, there is a lot of work ahead. This is not for the faint of heart or those without the time to see it through properly. It is time to seek help in order to make the most of this affordable and effective marketing.
  4. No time spent at the site or landing page – If you have used sound marketing methods to obtain leads (i.e. lead magnets that include free content), and you get a response from initial contact, but visitors arrive and click away fast, it is a red flag. The good news is that a qualified digital marketing agency will be able to tell you if it is something as simple as a slow load time or something more complex, and then walk you through the necessary changes.
  5. You feel like you are overwhelmed – If you look at the “to do” list for your digital marketing and feel as if none of it is at all possible, it means you have to outsource this work and get it done. It does not matter if it is because you don’t have the skills set, the time, the knowledge or a combination of all three. Marketing is the life’s blood of business and without it, your audience dries up and your bottom line disappears.

You Do Your Job and Let a Digital Marketing Agency Do Theirs

Of course, you may need to hire experts for your marketing because you have to focus on your job, the reason you started the business in the first place! The team at Organically understands this and wants to be your partner in success. Whether it is a full blown strategy or the many smaller pieces that make it all work, they can help you get on track with your marketing.