When it comes to social media advertising, there is always a learning curve involved because things move and change so quickly. Strategies that worked two years ago are obsolete now, just as the things you are doing now will be outdated one or two years from now.

It is good practice to stay alert to the changing tides if you don’t want your social media presence to be swept away. At Organically, we have digital marketing experts that are always monitoring the social media trends. Knowing the way the wind is blowing allows us to adjust our tactics to suit the new methods.

5 Trends to Watch

If you are also trying to stay up on the social media trends, then you will want to consider the following because they can have an impact on your ad campaigns and other social media efforts.

Organic Reach

The algorithms are always changing across all of the popular social media platforms. By now, you are surely aware of how that has caused some marketing efforts to crash and burn. The key to getting your posts seen, even during changes to the newsfeed, is by having organic reach. This means focusing on engagement and producing content that isn’t just a sales pitch but is also meaningful to your potential customers.

Live and Short-Lived Content

Video has been reigning supreme for some time now, but if you are trying to catch the attention of the younger generations like Millenials and Gen Z, then you are going to want to master the ephemeral content game. The short-lived or live options on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook will help you connect with and engage your customers on a very authentic level. Learning to use CTAs and create FOMO (fear of missing out) with your short-lived content will be crucial.

Invest in AI

It is time to invest in some chatbots if you haven’t done so already. You can give your customers an enhanced experience when you apply this form of artificial intelligence to the social media platforms. Social media advertising can go further when you embrace the functionality of chatbots because you can consistently engage in conversations with your potential customers in real time.

Don’t Give Up on Facebook

There seems to be a buzz in the air that Facebook is over, and that it might be time to jump ship. Yet, that doesn’t really appear to be the case. Facebook is still showing over 2 billion daily users. It isn’t time to count it out, but you will need to change your game and focus on the organic reach that we discussed above.

Social Advertising is Still Growing

If you think that all of the changes and social media trends mean it is time to give up on creating social media ads, think again! Online advertising is outspending TV advertising by billions of dollars, and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Staying on top of the trends will help your social ad campaigns become more fruitful. Stay the course!
Organically Can Help with Your Social Media Advertising!

Like we said before, we have experts that are constantly following the trends and learning the new methods. This allows us to offer our clients the very best assistance with their social media advertising. We take the time to follow the winds of change which most business owners don’t have time to focus upon with all of their other business-running duties. Let Organically help you build your social media presence, call us today to discuss your digital marketing strategies.

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