The future of digital marketing has already arrived, and it looks like it is a video revolution. In fact, video marketing has been booming in the last couple of years with more than half of businesses using it in some form. Have you tried making a few videos in your own marketing efforts? If not, it is time that you seriously considered jumping on this trend. 


It may be a lot of work or seem like a scary thing to get started doing, but it will be well worth the effort. Here are four reasons why you should be using video marketing right now. 


It Can Boost Your Sales


Statistics have shown that adding video to your digital marketing strategies can increase your conversion, especially when you add a video to the home page of your website. In fact, studies are showing that more than 70% of the people that watch an explainer video will eventually end up buying that product. It makes sense, right? Humans are visual creatures, and giving the brain something as visual as a video, can create a huge boost in your engagement, conversions, and ultimately your sales. 


It Can Build Trust


All conversions and sales come from a foundation of trust. A consumer simply won’t buy a product from a company they do not trust on some level. One of your digital marketing goals should be to build a trustworthy brand, and implementing a video marketing campaign can help you do that. Videos can help you showcase your products or services in a more conversational form which can feel like a more individualized approach to your potential customers. 


It Can Get You to the Front Page


Google really likes videos. If you ensure that yours are optimized with interesting titles and have keywords in the descriptions, you will find that it boosts your search engine rankings. Remember, Google owns YouTube, so having a video from YouTube embedded on your site gives you a boost in your rankings. Adding content to YouTube doesn’t even have to cost you a dime. Shouldn’t you be utilizing this platform?


It Appeals to Mobile Users


Video marketing works really well on mobile users. 90% of smartphone users say they watch videos on their mobile. They like to watch the videos while on the go. Statistics show that smartphone users are nearly twice as likely to pay attention to video ads than television watchers or desktop users. Your digital marketing efforts are probably already in place to target mobile users, so give them video! 


Organically Can Help with Video Marketing


Organically can help you build a video marketing strategy and help you create some high-quality content. We are a full-service digital marketing agency, and we can help in all aspects of your online efforts from SEO practices to social media campaigns. Let us help you create the videos that will get you the conversions and the sales that you need. Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your marketing needs.