If you have any kind of online business or website, one of your primary concerns is likely your conversion rate. No matter if you are trying to increase your conversion rates on your website or your social media ads, there are a few steps that you can take.


However, if all of these lead conversion strategies sound like people speaking a language you just can’t seem to get fluent in, employing a good digital agency can help. Organically Digital Marketing can help translate the language, and even help you build strategies of your own.

What is a Conversion Rate?


Before you can go about creating lead conversion strategies, you have to understand exactly what a conversion rate is, right? Basically, it is the percentage of people who visit your website and then become customers. Although, your conversion rate won’t always equate to sales. For instance, if you put up a Facebook ad to create brand awareness, your conversion rate may be the number of people who see the ad and then click through to your website.


In fact, you may decide to track several different factors in your conversion rate. Things like:


  • Website visitors that sign up for your newsletter.
  • Facebook ad viewers that call for a consultation.
  • Twitter followers that complete your survey.


In its essence, your conversion rate is tracking your ability to get a viewer of your website, ad, or social media profile to complete some desired action.

Lead Conversion Strategies


At Organically Digital Marketing, we can create lead conversion strategies that will help you get the results you need because, let’s face it, every time you get someone to sign up, make a purchase, or click your links, you are increasing your ability to add to your bottom line.


There are a few simple things that you can do right away to improve your conversions like making sure that your contact information is clear and easy to find. You would think that would be a no-brainer, right? It isn’t. Consider this example:


A wedding cake designer has an amazing Instagram with lovely pictures of the fantastic cakes that she makes. She uses great captions and appropriate hashtags to get noticed. Yet, her Instagram profile has zero contact information, and it doesn’t even list the city or state where she is located. She has included the link to her website, but the website only has a generic form on the contact page. Nowhere on the site does it list an email or a telephone number, and it still doesn’t list the service area or the city where she makes her cakes.


While adding contact information is a simple way to increase your conversion rates, there are plenty of other things that can help as well. A good digital agency can help you build your social proof and craft headlines that get clicks. They can also create strategies that will build your brand credibility.

Increase Your Conversion Rates with Organically


Don’t miss out on your potential customers! Let Organically Digital Marketing help you create the lead conversion strategies that will boost your brand awareness and your profit margin. We are the digital agency you need on your side!


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