Just what do we mean by “fluff” in your digital marketing? Let’s use an illustration digital social marketing to make the point, and then see if you are comfortable with what your digital marketing agency or marketing team has done, thus far in your marketing plans.

Digital Marketing is Not “If You Build It, They Will Come”

You set up all of the relevant social media accounts for the modern business owner. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (perhaps even Pinterest and other channels, too). You’ve had the pages set up with the best images and text. Then, you have blogs written with keywords you have heard are a good match for your goals.


Yes, this is not an unusual outcome in preliminary digital marketing on social media when it features only “fluff” pieces. By fluff, we mean those articles, blogs, and other content that offers nothing new. You might re-hash another writer’s work or fill the stream with lots of pushes and CTAs (calls to action).

It is not working out so well, right?

As that heading said, no sort of digital marketing is a simple matter of “if you build it, they will come.” It doesn’t work that way.

What a Knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency Brings to the Table

If you’ve been wondering just why your preliminary efforts have no returns, it is time to sit down with a skilled digital marketing agency, like the team at Organically, and figure out just how you can start to step up your game where digital marketing goes.

For instance, they will:

    • Ensure you are leveraging every feature of a social platform. This might mean custom Facebook tabs, and so on
    • Creating a calendar of all content. This will include your social media posts, the blogs that must be written, ad campaign start and finish dates, and more.
    • Integrate your various plans. A reputable digital marketing agency knows the difference between a strategy and a plan. They understand that your strategy has to help you hit goals, and plans are how it happens. They understand that plans are multi-layered and must connect and integrate
    • Ensure that your responsiveness and engagement is where it must be


  • Know how to integrate SEO and your other marketing materials, including social and other elements of digital marketing


Keep in mind; experts will also know just the right exclusive content to offer to your audience to see it shared or acted on by readers or viewers. They’ll walk you through analytics to show successes or failures and explain how plans or even strategies have to be revamped.

Digital marketing has to address search engines, social platforms, paid ads, website design, and all of the steps essential to potent strategizing. It has to create a constant supply of premium content that is on brand and original, and yield leads and conversions alike. This is never simple, but with Organically, you can see results early in the process and play a part in your company’s growth as well as its success.