Sell, sell, sell…that’s the idea that many people form when they start to think about social marketing and social engagement strategies. While making the sale is the ultimate goal and end result of premium marketing, it is crucial to never forget the word “social”, nor the other part of the issue, “engagement.”

Buy the Ring, Draft the Proposal, Make Your Social Engagement!

Social marketing is not the world’s best free advertising platform. Yes, many of us speak about in such terms and say that it is more of an investment in time, planning, and analysis than flat out advertising dollars. Sure, there are the targeted ads, but that is often the extent of investment.

However, the push to make sales through social engagement is what might be called a “non-starter.” It is because social marketing just doesn’t work like advertising in areas like TV, radio, or print ads. You cannot introduce the product, tell how it tames a buyer’s needs, and move on. That would mean there is no engagement.

Instead, you must build trust, help your audience develop a sense that they like you, and move forward into a relationship mode. How is that done? It’s simple: You speak to them, and you also listen.

This lets you discover how followers and leads view your brand, learn more about their needs and pains, and hone your message. Social engagement is the best way to do this. For example:

  • Personalities – Find out more about your audience by asking questions that require opinions and feedback
  • See What They Know – Many social media fans cannot resist any sort of game that tests their knowledge, and by drafting the right questions, you can further sharpen your message or improve products and service offerings
  • Polls and Questions – Polls let you get a broader look at who is interacting with your social media and questions can engage specific individuals or groups. Be sure that any questions posed are engaging and thought-provoking, though, and not just a simple ask with obvious intent

By asking for details, and responding to everyone who supplies them, you are heightening the level of engagement with your audience. Add behind the scenes videos, create targeted content based on what they’ve told you, and even share outcomes of some engagement efforts, and you’ll see your value grow.

Social Marketing Strategies

It is easy enough to say that social marketing requires excellent social engagement. The trick is to figure out how all of the puzzle pieces fit together. Which social media do you use? Which types of engagement are best suited to your audience? What do you do with the details you harness through engagement? Answers to such questions offer invaluable information, and it is best if you work with experts to make the most of it.

At Organically, you can find a team of award-winning digital and social marketing experts that can help you further recognize the power of social. They can show you how to integrate it into your plans and yield the best ROI on even the smallest or most limited campaigns.