Like most brands, you have probably been running Facebook ad campaigns for a while now. You may be thinking that you have finally perfected the process, but things are about to change. Facebook announced in early 2019 that there will be a significant change to the way businesses have been able to set their social ad budgets on the platform.

The short explanation is that come September, budgets will become automated. As an advertiser, you will soon only have a very limited control over the budgeting process. Basically, you will only be able to set your minimum and your maximum spending limits. The budget automation system will be responsible for the rest.


Why You Should Care About these Changes to Facebook Ad Campaigns


Right now, as an advertiser on Facebook, you have complete control of your social ad budget. You decide where you spend your dollars. In September, the new system will only allow you to plug in those minimums and maximums, and the algorithms will decide where to distribute your funds, choosing to push your ad dollars towards your top performing ads.


This change will affect all new ad campaigns, and it will also be applied to existing campaigns. If your business is currently running any evergreen ads or long-term campaigns, you can expect these to be controlled by the automation as well.


Facebook is calling the change a boon for advertisers because it will focus their social ad budgets on campaigns that are getting results which should lower your overall costs. However, it does come the the price of losing a large portion of your control in your Facebook ad campaign strategies. It also forces you to place your trust in the automated budget system getting you effective results.


Some larger brands have been beta testing the system for Facebook, and they are reporting positive experiences. For example, BuzzFeed has used the tool for some of their ad campaigns with success. It was cost effective, made managing the budget easier, and earned them more clicks and views.


Preparing for the Facebook Ad Campaign Changes


The world of social media marketing is constantly changing, and with all the other tasks that go into running your own business, keeping up with all the changes can be difficult. Organically is here to help business owners like you stay in the know. We can help you get the most out of your social ad budget because we are constantly updating and overhauling our strategies to keep up with the changes.


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