In the world of online marketing, there are two main ways to get readers to your blog. You can choose “SEO” which means search engine optimization – in other words, making your content so relevant to certain key phrases that it gets shown to searching readers first. Or you can choose “SEM,” which means search engine marketing – in other words, paying for your blog to be shown at the top of a search page through pay-per-click ads or sponsored ads. While many blog owners swear by their PPC campaigns, we are here to tell you why SEO blog marketing works better every time for targeting the traffic you want – and how we can help.

Understand the Goal of SEM vs. SEO

The easiest way to understand why SEO will target your ideal readers better is to understand what each marketing technique does.

SEM is trying to get your blog seen by as many eyes as possible. It is shown to anyone searching for anything that may appear on your site, including a broad range of key phrases and messages that you’ve selected when setting up your campaign. This may be targeting anyone who searches for anything to do with “makeup,” even when your website caters to a crowd that loves false eyelashes, and the search was all about how to do a very natural, organic makeup look. Once they click on your ad and discover that your site isn’t what they wanted at all, they’ll never be back.

SEO, on the other hand, targets specific keywords that aren’t just on your site, but on a specific page. From the example above, the Internet browser looking for natural makeup looks would be taken right to your most popular blog post about how to grow longer natural lashes. This may turn them into a loyal reader because they’ve found content that is relevant to them.

See the difference?

Other Ways to Make Blog Marketing Better for Your Audience

Another reason that SEO blog marketing is better for targeting your audience is that this technique helps you focus on what your crowd actually wants. As you do research on what keywords and phrases are leading people to your site, you can start to develop a great picture of what information they are truly looking for from you. However, with a PPC campaign, all you know is that someone was shown your ad and clicked. You get much less information, which means less insight into how to tailor your content to your readers.

GrowMore Can Help with Expert Blog Marketing
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