It is amazing how quickly time passes, and particularly if you are tasked with tracking, evaluating and revising something in your marketing efforts. The calendar for content you created a few months ago has already been written, posted and you must now determine if it was effective. The pace and pressure of assessing your social marketing efforts increases substantially as the holidays approach. It is a time when your digital marketing campaigns must really shine, and if they are not done right, they can flop.

So, does your social marketing measure up? Let’s take time to figure out how to determine if they are being done correctly.

Social Marketing and the Holidays

First things first: ask yourself if you have really recognized the importance of social in your overall digital marketing efforts. There are a lot of moving parts in any business, and unfortunately, many put off their social marketing until the last minute.

After all, you are writing the blogs, finding and posting products or services, improving on your merchandise as the clock ticks down, and so the whole social media element may go by the wayside. Because of that, your holiday social presence may not be equal to the rest of your digital marketing, and that will cost you.

So, how do you evaluate your social marketing right now to be sure you are on point for the soon-to-strike holiday season? Here are our tips:

  • Pre-schedule – Hopefully you have drafted a content calendar (you’ve done that, right?). As you write your blogs to be posted throughout the holidays, also write the social media posts you will use with them. It saves time, gets the work done while it is fresh in your head, and even shows where you can repurpose across channels. The more you get done ahead of time, the more you can focus on direct social media communication as the holidays roll in. Use any pre-scheduling posting options open to you to ensure you use the content exactly when needed, too.
  • Choose graphics now – Do you have visuals in your posts? Do you sigh just thinking about the time it takes to find them when you are doing actual posts? Get ahead of it all by choosing all of your visuals right now, organizing them with the content and being ready to use them the moment the social media posts go live.
  • Think engagement – All of this preliminary work is to be sure you can engage with customers when it matters most – as the posts go live and the potential for new clients arises. You never want to seem as if you are ignoring would-be customers at holiday time! Plotting it all out and prepping it now lets you shine in customer engagement.
  • Plan to assess – You cannot just let the holidays come and go without gauging the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Are you evaluating everything in real time? If not, you are wasting some options.

If this seems like too many moving parts, it is time to consider help with digital marketing, in general.

Trust Digital Marketing Experts

Right now is the ideal time to consider the variables that can make or break your social marketing. Contact Organically to evaluate just where you stand long before the holidays arrive.