It is a given that lead generation constitutes the foundation for initial and ongoing success. Yet, it boils down to one of those “easier said than done” issues, and requires a lot of tactics to keep the proverbial “pipeline” full of actual prospects with a high chance for conversion. These tactics focus on digital marketing to existing and prospective customers, but for many businesses, the prospect of lead generation seems overwhelming, too mysterious or downright impossible.

Below are five tips to help even a novice firm begin to develop and fill a pipeline with potential clients using proven lead generation and digital marketing methods, plus a few other steps.

#1 Lead Generation Must Be Customized

Before we even mention the types of digital marketing that can lead to success, we have to focus on the biggest factor too often overlooked in generating authentic leads – the target customer. That is the first, and probably most important, part of quality leads in your pipeline.

In other words, you won’t have an ongoing array of leads in the pipeline if you are sending out your messages to the wrong audience, or sending out the wrong message to the right crowd! So, refine your target audience to be sure your messaging is on point.

#2 It Must Involve Existing Clients

You probably know it costs more to get a new customer than retain an existing one, and so anything you do with your pipeline and lead generation tactics should also consider all existing clients. What are you doing to cycle them through the pipeline and keep their interest?

#3 How’s the Follow Through?

Okay, so you’ve created the perfect portrait of a potential client or lead, you’ve sent the right message and you’ve gotten the reaction. Your pipeline could be overflowing with these types of leads, but if you drop the ball and fail at the follow up, it’s been a waste. Whether someone says, “not now, get back to me”, “yes, I’d like to hear more” or any other response to your CTA, if you don’t have a solid follow through, you’ve actually already lost the prospect. Identify the ways you’ll follow through and create a protocol for doing just that.

#4 Consider Social Selling as Part of Your Digital Marketing

A type of digital marketing, social selling allows you to interact with all kinds of potential clients, learn from them, supply them with information, and begin the process of directing them into your funnel.

#5 Get Expert Help

Lastly, you’ll want to sit down and consult with experts in strategy, marketing and conversion optimization, as well as other digital services. Why? You are not in business just to focus on marketing. Yes, developing a customer base and maintaining it is, indeed, part of your intended work, but it shouldn’t consume the largest portion of your day. Experts can set out the foundations of an effective funnel and help you quickly begin to grow.

The team at Organically offers a full array of services designed to help you grow your company and reach your goals. Whether you are eager to establish an online presence or make sales, they can help you keep your funnel full, your communications optimized and your goals on target.