One of the most valuable tools in online marking for any business is Google, for a great many reasons. Their commerce tools have always been at the cutting edge of what Internet marketing is capable of, and this year they’ve introduced a new tool that is no different. Custom Intent Audiences is a new way to target your Adwords campaigns to people who Google determines are actually intending to make a purchase, based on their behavior. This means your content marketing and advertising dollars are going to be putting your products in front of shoppers, not browsers. Here are three ways to leverage this digital marketing tool for more sales.

Leveraging Tactic #1: Use with Social Media

One very interesting thing that Custom Intent Audiences allows you to do is to create a custom grouping of consumers that click on your social media ads. Let’s say you have a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook collects data on what users click on and engage with, which means that if you tag a Facebook ad with UTM tags, Google can also record that information. Then, you can create a custom audience to target with Google ads made up of people who have engaged with your Facebook ad.

That is great, but why does it matter? Studies have shown that people who have previously seen an ad on social media, like Facebook, are 30% more likely to make a purchase via a Google ad for the same product.

Leveraging Tactic #2: Target Big Spenders

One great way to leverage this tool is to target consumers with specific spending habits in your industry. What you are looking for is a consumer that clearly has a high need or desire for your products (based on their spending habits), but isn’t brand loyal. Someone who spends an above-average amount on monthly hair care supplies, but from many different brands and websites, is the ideal target for a hair care supply retailer.

How do you target this consumer and get them to become brand loyal? By regularly offering them a discount on their biggest need. Offer this group a specific discount through a targeted Adwords campaign.

Leveraging Tactic #3: Get Your Competitors’ Customers

Finally, you can target the customers that are loyal to your competitors simply by including the competitor’s URL in the custom affinity targeting tool. The more often a customer visits the competitor website, the more Google will show them your Adwords campaign. By making your digital marketing campaign more attractive with discounts, bundled deals, or better product performance, you can successfully convince competitor-loyal customers to give your product a try instead.

All of these tips rely on having a great Adwords or PPC campaign set up before you begin. Organically’s PPC and Adwords services can be your best investment this year for your business. We’ll help you automate your content marketing, so you can focus on targeting the right clients. Contact us today to learn more, or read about our services here.