In recent weeks, traditional news, as well as social media, outlets have consistently reported about the struggles of Facebook. For several reasons, users in the 18-26 year-old category have been abandoning the site and turning attention towards other platforms, and it is not going unnoticed. As some of the major consumers, it is significant to make note of their social media habits.

Because of that, in addition to several other factors, your social strategy has to be more than just a robust Facebook page. While Facebook is still a power player, it is important to consider expanding your social reach and keep everything in balance and well-rounded.

After all, social media has long involved more than Facebook. Over the past few years, major players like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest have also taken hold. In fact, many experts say that the same attention once directed at Facebook alone should be refocused towards the “hotter” platforms, such as Instagram.

Why? It all has to do with the ways that people are using the platforms. Data indicates that Instagram’s users, as a prime example, are 50X more likely to comment on, like or share a brand post than those on Facebook. Currently, around 70% of the world’s major brands opt for Instagram and enjoy higher engagement than any other platform.


The New Ways of Social Media

Now, you might be wondering just why a social media site specializing in videos and images would be preferred over something like Facebook, and it boils down to the directness of it all, the intimacy, the personal connections it creates between a brand and its users or followers.

This can apply to celebrities, influencers and brands alike. Just consider it for a moment. If you are a big fan of the actress Jennifer Garner, you can look at her Facebook profile and see some interesting things, but if you want to see her everyday life, the products she uses, places she goes, workouts she does…well, it’s Instagram that gives that closer experience. Because of that, she has been able to promote wellness products, exercise videos and her own films.

That is why you must adjust your social strategy to something more closely aligned with this direct and open communication with fans and followers.

The Bones of an Effective Social Strategy

How is this done? As is the case with most social strategy, it is going to take time and planning. As you might recall from previous posts, we emphasize several points when it comes to your social media and social strategy:

  • Everything interconnects – the videos, images, blogs and posts on one platform can easily show up on another, so whatever you communicate, it has to be meant for all.
  • Your website is still the core – at the heart of it all is your website and it is here that you should still focus a huge percentage of your attention and efforts. Send visitors, potential clients, gather data and work on conversions through this hub.
  • Don’t limit social media – as already noted, everything interconnects, but you should also consider the trends and shift your social strategy to the most relevant and active platforms. With Instagram making a strong showing, now is a time to consider how it might work for your goals – even if you cannot imagine images and videos in your strategy.

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