If you have been working on a digital marketing strategy for any length of time, then you already know that it relies on optimizing the newest technology tools. All of these marketing technology tools have been collectively branded MarTech in the same way that other sectors have shortened their own terms. For instance, DevOps is a shortening of Development Operations.  

A Definition of MarTech


MarTech, or marketing technology, refers to any of the software or other tech tools that are used by a digital marketing strategy team to plan, execute, or measure their campaigns. These tools help to automate or streamline the processes, and they can also be used to collect and analyze the metrics. Marketing technology can also refer to the programs that are used to reach out to and engage with the audience.


The four Layers of Technology


The easiest way to understand MarTech is to look at the four layers:


  1. Data Foundation: This is the foundation of the digital marketing strategy, and it consists of customer data, product data, business intelligence, and analytics.
  2. MarTech Platforms: These platforms are the components that are used to implement digital marketing strategies such as marketing automation, social media engagement, and the management of web content.
  3. Sales Services: These MarTech streamline the process and execution of marketing functions and include things like content delivery networks and self-service portals.
  4. Marketing Channels: These are the channels which the digital marketing strategy uses to deliver the content that is created such as email, websites, and social media platforms.


The Benefits of Using MarTech


There are plenty of obvious benefits of using MarTech, but one of the biggest benefits is the time these technologies save the business or marketing team. These technologies allow people to manage several different marketing channels easily and quickly. The marketing team or business should work to create a smart suite of tools that allows them to run the entire digital marketing strategy like a well-tuned machine.


The rise of MarTech has also made the process of marketing more cost-efficient. Not only does it cut down on the time spent with the digital strategies, but it also allows you to see the results of a digital marketing strategy right away. This is a huge benefit because it allows the campaigns to be tweaked immediately if the results are not up to par.


Basically, in today’s marketing world MarTech is a vital part of the process. Marketing technology evolves continuously, but it will never disappear. It is a crucial component needed by businesses and organizations to engage with their consumers in the modern world.

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