No business owner ever wants to crunch the numbers and realize that revenue is down. But in today’s competitive world, missing out on sales is something that most companies must contend with constantly. If you want to boost sales in your ecommerce business and stop dreading budgeting day, here are three reasons that mobile optimization could be the answer.

Meet the Unique Needs of Mobile Browsers on Your Ecommerce Site

The first reason to consider mobile optimization for your ecommerce store is that mobile browsers have different needs from those on PCs. People looking up websites on computers are seated, with their attention fully on their computer, and generally have more time. They are there for information, entertainment, and usually have some time on their hands.

On the other hand, mobile visitors are usually on the go, using their mobile device while they travel or multitask. This means they need things to be easy to digest, quick to find, and are often operating on impulse. By making your site easy to navigate and read on a small screen, and making the call to action buttons the main focus of the page, you make it easier for a mobile user to make a decision and become a buyer.

Mobile Optimization Leads to More Traffic

Did you know that over half of all Internet browsers are using a mobile device at any given time? For many ecommerce stores, the vast majority of their audience is going to visit their website via a mobile phone or tablet – so it just makes good business sense to cater to this huge audience. If your website isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, you are costing yourself traffic, and traffic translates directly to sales.

Make Your Brand More Engaging for Multi-Screen Users

Studies show that over 90% of people use a “multi-screen” method for doing anything online. They are reading reviews on their PC before making a purchase on their phone later; they are checking out a blog on their tablet before later downloading the corresponding podcast to their favorite phone app; and so on. By ensuring that your brand has both a great ecommerce website, and excellent mobile optimization for smaller devices, you are making it easier and more engaging for the majority of your audience.

When they have a good experience with your brand on multiple devices, they are more likely to keep coming back whenever the mood strikes – and that leads to more impulse buys, return customers, and overall more sales.

Organically’s Design Services Can Help!

If you want your website to be fully optimized for mobile users, let Organically help! Our design services for ecommerce business owners include responsive designs that make your website work on any device your audience may use. Contact us today to learn more!