It is very important that your site has a search option because it is a process that every single web user is familiar with using. How many times per day do you use some sort of search engine to find out an obscure fact, to pick a place to eat, or find a product you wish to buy? It is certain that you do a web search at least once per day, and it is likely that you do one multiple times per day.


Guess what? So does everybody else, and most importantly, so do your customers.


Statistically, one of the most frequented pages on any website will be the search results page. Yet, more times than not, the search results page are coming back with “product not find” or “no matching queries,” or the search results bring up material and products that are not at all relevant. Shoddy search results will send your potential customers off on a new search…on your competitor’s website.

Why Intelligent Search is Important to Your Lead Conversion Strategies


Like most brands out there in the internet ether, you can’t afford to have your potential customers scurrying off to make a purchase from someone else. Which is why it is imperative that you would with your digital marketing partner to create intelligent site search to boost your conversion rate. It can lead to tangible results in a short amount of time.


Site search not only ensures that your potential customers find what they are looking for, but it also creates a way for you to understand shopping behaviors. For instance, a user to your website is more likely to make a purchase if they use the search bar to find a particular item than a user that is simply browsing through your categories. This is because your searching users are focused on an objective. They didn’t come to your site to browse through the clearance bin, they came to your site with a specific goal such as “green ballet flats.” It is more likely that they are ready to make a purchase if the right item is returned in the search which makes it imperative that your site only delivers the most relevant options.


These searches can also help you tag your products using the exact same language that your customers are using. Customer searches are a keyword goldmine! Are you beginning to see how intelligent site search can be one of your most important lead conversion strategies?


In its essence, your conversion rate is tracking your ability to get a viewer of your website, ad, or social media profile to complete some desired action.

Organically: Your Digital Marketing Partner

Now that you understand the importance of having intelligent site search, you need a digital marketing partner to help you hone this lead conversion strategy. The conversion experts at Organically are ready to get your site’s search option optimized and show you how to harness its power. We are ready to chat with you about intelligent site search!