In the world of social marketing (or any marketing for that matter), it is a given that you are never the only person doing whatever it is you do. Whether you make certain gadgets and gizmos, offer certain services or simply give out information, you have competitors. Many of your competitors may have great, even superior, content. That is why you will want to ensure your social videos really shine. Not only should they be full of useful information, but they should look great, too.

Below are five simple tricks that you can use to ensure your social marketing is a hit thanks to outstanding social videos.

Social Marketing Means Eye-Grabbing Social Videos

First things first, though. Social marketing…just what is it? Also known as social media marketing, it is generally a term that is used to describe the ways you can get attention and/or traffic and sales through your select social media platforms. It is an umbrella term because not all social media sites have the same actionable options.

For example, Twitter is all about the short messages while Instagram is all about images. Facebook combines both, and yet all let you share messages. However, if you want the most bang for the buck, it is often social videos that generate it. Advertising experts tell us that mobile search is taking over, and that more and more consumers far prefer a video rather than text.

Clearly, this means you can combine the power and appeal of videos by placing them in the sites where more people hang out – social media sites.

Yet, what can you do to ensure people click on them, watch them fully and then like or share them? Well, we have these five tips:

  1. Continue your brand’s story…with a twist. Whether you are the funny fishing guy selling tackle and gear, the adventurous baker promoting a website, or an extreme coupon advocate, your brand has a story. The videos should reflect that and convey the personality you intend, but they should also feature elements that differentiate you from others in the same niche. It could be your delivery, it could be the humor you use, it could be anything – but it MUST be unique.
  2. Get creative with titles – Something that most viewers appreciate is a witty title or a memorable tag. Spend time drafting titles meant to grab attention.
  3. Choose the thumbnail wisely – The good title may not be enough, and you’ll want to skip the default frame settings and instead choose an image that is a good reflection of the content, story and message.
  4. Get inspiration from the competition – Look at the video subjects of your competitors. Read the comments. See what unanswered questions or concerns remain among potential clients and spin video content out of that.
  5. Get help…

Yes, that last trick is really the best. Few of us are adept at whipping up great videos, and the internet’s best vloggers and social marketing success stories often have experts helping them. If you are going to integrate social videos into your content (and you must), work with a team that understands your story, goals and product. The experts at Organically offer a full array of website and marketing services and tools, and can help you plan and craft videos to ensure you get wherever it is you hope to take your company.